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Trampoline Manufacturer

We are leading trampoline manufacturer company of trampoline zone equipment. We proudly admit that trampoline area equipment we produce have been installed abroad in European, Nothern African and Middle Eastern countries.Our company exports 80 % of our products:trampoline area equipments each year.We use high qualitied and verified raw materials to ensure our logo, which is safe fun for kids.

We would like to give detailed information about raw materials we use in manufacturing of our trampoline equipments. We use Premium quality raw materials for manufacturing trampoline area equipment. Raw materials for trampoline equipments have sertificates from respectable companies.

Details of Raw Materials

* Galvanised iron profile using 100x50x4 mm horizontals,

100x100x3 mm verticals galvanised iron profile

* 2,5mm fire retardant Turkish cross linked sponge,

* 1100DY 650gr\m2 fire retardant Premium Turkish PVC

* Between 22-28 Density fire retardant sponges

* High quality jump fabric (5 cm strip can carry 200 KG)

* Springs, galvanised steel springs 25 cm.

* Cushions, 8 cm thickness high density sponge coated by 650 gr/m2 Turkish PVC

In order to go systematically, we would like to inform steps of after production of trampoline area equipment.

Trampoline zone equipment warranty claims are indicated as below:

Limited 10 Year Warranty on structural integrity of play system (iron structure), which is structure of trampoline equipment.. Limited 5 Year Warranty on slides (plastic and fiber), plastic capsules, and plastic play tunnels. Limited 1 Year Warranty on nylon netting, PVC -coated items (including flooring) and any all air-filled items. The Warranty is valid only if the structure of trampoline zone equipment and play equipment has been installed by Tunapel Kids; has been subjected to normal use for the purpose for which the goods were designed; have not been subject to vandalism, misuse, neglect, or accident; have not been subjected to additonal or substituton of parts; and have not been modified, altered or repaired by persons other than Tunapel Kids

Trampoline Zone Equipment Details:










WARRANTY:  Limited 10 Year Warranty on structural integrity of play system (iron structure),

which is structure of trampoline equipment..

Limited 5 Year Warranty on slides (plastic and fiber), plastic capsules, and

plastic play tunnels. Limited 1 Year Warranty on nylon netting,

PVC -coated items (including flooring) and any all air-filled items.

STANDARTS:  ASTM F2970 – 15, EN 13219

Each client, who submits an order for trampoline park or trampoline zone equipment, will have customised trampoline area equipment.Each trampoline park has different trampoline equipment,depending on taste and request of the client.

Trampoline zone equipment activities include:

trampoline main court,




ninja course,

foam pit,




climbing wall,

sweeping arm,

rodeo bull,

All these activities could be placed in trampoline zone per request of the client.

For bigger than 500 m2 trampoline parks, we can provide additional trampoline zone equipment such as trampoline park software management to control the entrance-leisure management,special socks to be worn in trampoline area,suggestions to increase the frequentcy of clients in trampoline zone.All addititional parts could be provided and installed depending on clients needs and wants.

We do provide to our clients:trampoline park designs, trampoline park software and hardware management, trampoline area equipment, trampoline branding, trampoline activities, trampoline socks and any extra ideas for trampoline area equipment.All steps for final Project of trampoline zone is advised by our Professional team.

For our clients who would like to install innovative trampoline park,we suggest them different ideas for trampoline zone equipment.We go for extra mile for each client to ensure they have received trampoline area equipment they wanted.

In following paragrahps,we would like to introduce you with example projects that were produced by our company,as well as projects we have installed abroad.

Tunapel kids is a safe tramploine manufacturer. We installed a trampoline park in Czechia- Plzen city according to European norms.

We installed a trampoline park in Moldova-Entertainment Center.

After order is placed,on the time of installation,we provide trainings for staff of the trampoline park and training for cleaning of the trampoline zone equipments. Training for staff includes from assuring security of children,as well as responsibility of checking the proper caring and cleaning of trampoline area equipment,following strict rules of caring and cleaning of trampoline equipments.On installation of each trampoline zone equipment we provide to owners of trampoline parks handbook that has guidelines on safety of children,security standarts,specifications on usage of trampoline zone equipments,staff guidelines on daily routine of trampoline equipment check ups.

After sale service of trampoline zone equipment is maintenance service, replenishment service, additonal supply of trampoline zone equipment per request of clients.

In maintenance service,we send our technicians to do checking of the trampoline zone equipments,repairing any needed places,restoring new fabrics if needed,arranging additonal requested areas.

In replenishment service,we supply our clients with new trampoline area equipments.For example: sponges for foam pit,sponges for Ninja course,slackline fabric,fabric for trampoline zone,Ninja course ropes.

In additional supply of trampoline zone equipment, we provide if client decides to add more activities to trampoline park.We install additional trampoline zone equipments suitable for clients.

Our company has valuable reputation,which has brought success to us in European,Northern African and Middle Eastern countries.Our qualitative products:trampoline equipments,soft playground,interactive toys,diversity in our products,creative approach to each Project of trampoline parks,neat design,careful transaction of each step of production and shipment,easy installation,after sale service,customer service are keys of our success in our field.

In Turkey comparing to other countries, production costs are lower,fort hat reason we are able to produce high quality trampoline equipments for reasonable prices. Tunapel Kids is competitive price trampoline manufacturer

If you are searching reasonable priced products Tunapel Kids is the trampoline manufacturer that you look are looking for

All of our clients may easily contact us through our website,by email,by phone,by fax,by whastapp or viber,by additonal sources of communication such as facebook and instagram.

All of information about our products,trampoline zone equipments are available in our website:

Worlds leading trampoline manufacturer

For those who would like much more detailed information about raw materials we use in manufacturing of trampoline area equipment,we send our Company profile and catalog.

We have experinced team to settle any type of trampoline zone equipment,in each order we indicate manufacturing period and we stick to those dates of production.

We have exclusive installation terms,our products are easy to install due to technical keys our management has created.Normally what other companies take for installation approximately 2 weeks,our technicians can finish in 5 days,which makes a visable difference for our clients.

In conclusion to previously mentioned advantages of choosing our trampoline equipments,choosing our Company-Tunapel Kids is always a step to winner position.We believe that qualitative materials,strong team and discipline in implementation of the trampoline zone equipments are what makes our clients to certainly come back to our company with new orders.

As a trampoline manufacturer company ,which exports 80 % of products:trampoline area equipments,soft playgrounds and interactive toys to abroad we can assure that you would hit the heights of successful business with us.We work on preferences,needs,wants of our clients and bring to their view the best possible trampoline zone equipment for their available area.We support our clients from scratch of trampoline park Project to later steps such as next trampoline zone newly opened by client.On our webiste we always share new installed projects,ongoing projects to update all of our viewers on internet with the latest news of our Company-Tunapel Kids. We provide all specifications for our trampoline zone equipment and let our clients to choose.

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