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At the globalizing world supply chains of companies are becoming importantly. Because people don’t look at just price. They are looking different features. Especially people look to quality, price, supply time and after sales services. These features are becoming very important for both manufacturer and partnerships. Many products need for producing trampoline park. These products supplied from different suppliers. This situation complicate to production. For this, manufacturer should be attention to supply chain management.

What is mean supply chain management?

SCM is controlling to all stages during producing product. SCM is controlling demand, raw materials, storage capacity, logistics and distribution. If trampoline park manufacturer will can control supply chain successfully, it will can win money than other manufacturers. Because of this, supply chain management is very important for manufacturer.

Members of Trampoline Parks Supply Chain

  1. Manufacturer of raw materials
  2. Supplier (forwarder)
  3. Manufacturer (Trampoline Park Manufacturer)
  4. Retailer
  5. Customer

This list show basic member of trampoline park supply chain. This list may be extend, if production will be complex. For example, can be added some manufacturer of raw materials, supplier, retailer or factory of manufacturer.

Why so important supply chain for trampoline park manufacturer?

SCM is so important situation for trampoline park manufacturer and supplier. Because nowadays all manufacturers want to down cost and other spending. If a manufacturer keep under control cost and other spending, it will be succesful than other manufacturers and suppliers. This one keep under control possible with SCM. But manufacturer should do somethings for sustainability supply chain. Firstly they should swot analys, cost budget list, storage list and buy a ERP program. While buy an ERP program, must be attention edited reports. If target ERP program don’t fit trampoline park supply chain, this company should search an other programs. In some cases not need to ERP. This can be solved with excel. Excel is very useful for basic supply chain organization.

trampoline park manufacturer
trampoline park manufacturer


In globalizing world competition is increasing fastly. This situation affect to all companies and all sectors. That’s why, companies attention to supply chain management. Especially, trampoline park manufacturers should be attention to supply chain line. If manufacturer heed to the supply chain management, it will earn more profit and market.

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Entertainment habits has been changed in the globalizing world. Nowadays people are searching different entertainment places and different entertainment types. This quest is increasing because of people want to move away from stress. Because global world is becoming stress for people. That’s why people want different activities who will wander away of joblife. People are boring to sitting at office everyday. Therefore they don’t want to play mobile game and computer game at home. They want to play with real equipments and experience excitement. There are trampoline areas for fulfill this demand. Trampoline areas are the best choice for this demand.

Trampoline areas are manufactured for want entertainment children and teens. These areas benefit for health of children. Especially this areas more benefit for children of developmental age. Children development need to make sport more than adults. Therefore children and teens should to go trampoline parks. Also trampoline areas are encouraging to make sport. Because children can make impossible movements in trampoline areas. This is also encourage to do sport children.

Trampoline park manufacturer and Workmanship Between The Relationship

While trampoline areas manufacture, manufacturer should care of some details. One of the most important is workmanship. If workmanship is good, products will be very sturdy and quality.There are some solutions for this situation.

Let’s list this things;

  • Firstly production area should be clean and spacious.
  • Should supply basic need of workers. (For example meal, drinks and workwears…)
  • Should be quality and useful work equipments  of workers.
  • The company should provide transportation for the workers.
  • The company should give satisfactory salary to workers.

If one company provide this things, that company will be successful for production. So trampoline manufacture and workmanship are interconnected. Workmanship is very important for all stage of trampoline manufacture. That’s why trampoline park manufacturer should care worker requests.

Trampoline park manufacturer and workmanship
Trampoline park manufacturer and workmanship

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Nowadays interest of people are increasing fast about trampoline areas. In this way trampoline industry is growing and as a result of development is coming many innovation. At the same time the demand is also increasing competition. But some companies are producing products by poor quality as a result of competition. That’s why quality of trampoline was becoming very important.

Rising the competition benefits  to the customer, but more competition results poor quality products. If customer always wants low price than customer will face to  poor quality products. That’s why trampoline customers shouldn’t want a low price. If customers want to quality products, they should search more. While they are searching, firstly they should look at certificates. Because each security certificates determine trampoline manufacturer‘s institutionalism.Company’s institutionalism shows the company’s secure trading and quality workmanship.

Trampolin manufacturer and customers should trust one another for continuous quality. When manufacturer trust to customer, manufacturer produce more  can be willing. When also customer trust to manufacturer, customer can resolves questions in mind more quickly.

Trampoline manufacture and quality concept

There are trampoline manufacture and quality concept the relationship between. This relationship has been continuing for a long time. Trampoline areas are manufactured as special project. That’s why they need to technology. Technology facilitate to the manufacturing. Thus difficult manufacturings become easy. All the trampoline areas different each other. This areas just design with technology that technology is required for trampoline area design and trampoline manufacturing. Also technology is required for trampoline manufacture and quality.

trampoline manufacture and quality
trampoline manufacture and quality


As a result quality is very important of trampoline manufacture. Quality product is useful for manufacturer and customer. If manufacturer produce to quality product than manufacturers will not have problem later and their products will not become wear out quickly at the for a long time  . If customers buy quality trampoline area consequently customers will use the trampoline area for a long time. So quality is the very important point for the trampoline areas.


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Our Company “Antalyapark” is a leading Trampoline manufacturer in Turkey. Every year we export 80% of our trampoline equipments to European, Middle Eastern and North African countries.We are expanding as trampoline supplier by arranging our representative companies in countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Our supplies are high qualitied products, which are produced following ASTM standarts.Trampoline park, trampoline equipments are always on demand due its use in indoors, in summer time people prefer to spend time in cooler places, in winter time people prefer to spend time in warmer places. Trampoline park is unique entertainment for all ages and gives a chance to have fun for whole family together.

Trampoline Types

Our equipments have wide range of activities: basketball, dodgeball, aeroball, free jumping area, wave trampolines, gladiator, foam pit, football, kids trampolines, olimpic trampolines etc. As a trampoline supplier we take each of our production to level of delivering excellence on each stage. We design each trampoline court depending on our clients area. Our Company “Antalyapark” has list of colors as a suggestion to our clients in order for them to choose exactly the color schemes that are favoured. Professional team of designers create trampoline area exceptionally customised for certain client. When order is confirmed, our group of experienced projecting, manufacturing teams make sure that trampoline court is produced according to ASTM standarts. Each stage in production of trampoline equipments are heavily checked and confirmed by Quality Control and Factory Manager. We use galvanized iron profile, fire retardant Turkish cross linked sponge, fire retardant Premium Turkish PVC, high quality jump fabric, galvanized steel springs. Trampoline supplies are safe and secure for all due to our serious approach in design, production, testing of each acitivity before shipment to country of destination and installation. As trampoline manufacturer on installation we provide staff training, training on cleanliness of trampoline area. At the country of submitted order, as trampoline equipments are delivered, our technicians do the installation in short period of time. Since trampoline supplies are according to ASTM standarts, its only up to client to have their area equipped with needed cameras and air conditioning and lighting to settle the business into active work.

Being trampoline manufacturer gives us also chance to look at each executed project as our own business and we update our clients on new data on trampoline equipments. Our Company “Antalyapark” also does after sale service and we assist our clients on getting additional spare parts for their trampoline area. Each succesfull installed trampoline court abroad is an example of our hard team work. We take pride in manufacturing customised trampoline areas, using high qualitied materials on production leve, delivering high quality trampoline equipments all over the world.We are always happy to assist our clients with exceptional service of providing trampoline equipments.

trampoline manufacturer
trampoline manufacturer

trampoline manufacturer


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