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At the globalizing world supply chains of companies are becoming importantly. Because people don’t look at just price. They are looking different features. Especially people look to quality, price, supply time and after sales services. These features are becoming very important for both manufacturer and partnerships. Many products need for producing trampoline park. These products supplied from different suppliers. This situation complicate to production. For this, manufacturer should be attention to supply chain management.

What is mean supply chain management?

SCM is controlling to all stages during producing product. SCM is controlling demand, raw materials, storage capacity, logistics and distribution. If trampoline park manufacturer will can control supply chain successfully, it will can win money than other manufacturers. Because of this, supply chain management is very important for manufacturer.

Members of Trampoline Parks Supply Chain

  1. Manufacturer of raw materials
  2. Supplier (forwarder)
  3. Manufacturer (Trampoline Park Manufacturer)
  4. Retailer
  5. Customer

This list show basic member of trampoline park supply chain. This list may be extend, if production will be complex. For example, can be added some manufacturer of raw materials, supplier, retailer or factory of manufacturer.

Why so important supply chain for trampoline park manufacturer?

SCM is so important situation for trampoline park manufacturer and supplier. Because nowadays all manufacturers want to down cost and other spending. If a manufacturer keep under control cost and other spending, it will be succesful than other manufacturers and suppliers. This one keep under control possible with SCM. But manufacturer should do somethings for sustainability supply chain. Firstly they should swot analys, cost budget list, storage list and buy a ERP program. While buy an ERP program, must be attention edited reports. If target ERP program don’t fit trampoline park supply chain, this company should search an other programs. In some cases not need to ERP. This can be solved with excel. Excel is very useful for basic supply chain organization.

trampoline park manufacturer
trampoline park manufacturer


In globalizing world competition is increasing fastly. This situation affect to all companies and all sectors. That’s why, companies attention to supply chain management. Especially, trampoline park manufacturers should be attention to supply chain line. If manufacturer heed to the supply chain management, it will earn more profit and market.

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